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SEMINAR – Approaches and methodologies for Non-Formal Education

20 Roma Youth from Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria enhancing the skills on SEMINAR - Approaches and methodologies for Non-Formal Education on basic and transversal...

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Asylum seekers and Refugees in Albania making Progress on Employment Objectives

<img src= /> The project "Establishing the basis for livelihood programs in Albania" continues to advance in the realization of objectives such as: a) increasing the capacity of asylum seekers and refugees; b) increasing their knowledge of the labor...

Volunteer Corps

The Roma Volunteer Corps is mainly composed of Roma and non-Roma university students who participate in awareness campaigns that aim to mobilize youth into becoming active citizens, to create an intercultural social environment of inclusion. All members have a...

Roma Language Session

Since 2013, sessions for Roma language lessons started at IRCA’s office. Lessons were developed by our volunteers of Romani Corps of Volunteer.

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