“Providing food and basic hygiene items for the Roma and Egyptian families in Albania during the pandemic Covid 19.”


This initiative consisted of the distribution of food packages and basic hygiene products to 450 families in the cities of Tirana, Fier, Shkodra, Vlora, Roskovec, Gjirokastra, Pogradec and Divjaka during the period of the Global Covid Pandemic – 19 in May-June 2020.

450 Roma families were selected to donate food and basic hygiene items (100 Roma families in Tirana, 58 Roma families in Fier, 62 Roma families in Vlora, 50 Roma families in Grabian, Lushnje, 50 Roma families in Gjirokastra, 46 Roma families in Roskovec, 30 Roma families in Shkodra and 27 Roma families in Pogradec). These families were not able to receive economic support during the Global Covid-19 pandemic and their livelihood was based on the collection of recyclable waste, social assistance, etc. During the isolation period for protection against Covid-19, these families could not generate income to support themselves.

The packages were distributed by Roma mediators in close cooperation with representatives from selected municipalities.