About Us


IRCA is established on July 1, 2011 and is very much influenced by services provided at advocacy bodies such as the Italian Institute of Culture in Albania, British Council, Peace Corps Volunteers as well as the career advice, research and documentation centers functioning within universities in Europe and North America, with most of which IRCA initiators have had their own experiences.


  • Advocating for Roma equal access in citizens’ rights as well as public and social services;
  • Providing educational and career advice to Romani students, increasing capacities of Romani youth for participation in public life;
  • Conducting research studies for documenting and institutionalizing Romani cultural heritage;
  • Promoting intercultural exchange and friendly relations between Roma and non-Roma youth within the country and abroad. Composed of committed Roma university students and graduates IRCA’s work relies very much on the principles of voluntarism and self-help. Combination of volunteer advocacy with education services and recreation activities, has led to establishment of three youth networks including Romani Students’ Network, Romani Corps of Volunteers as well as Romani Youth Parliament – Forum. Most of IRCA’s activity is also featured in an online radio program entitled “Kanxura”-Radio.


Impact of IRCA’s work fall in 4 main categories:

  • Intercultural dialogue;
  • Youth Empowerment;
  • Advocacy and Participation;
  • Institutional Development and Partnership Building.

The organization structure of IRCA includes the Steering Board, Goodwill Advisors, the Executive Director as well as the staff 6 project staff. IRCA has also created the Romani Corps of Volunteers counting over 180 member both Roma and non Roma students and graduates.