Roma Women Platform

The Institute of Romani Culture in Albania  organized the “Roma Women’s Platform” Event. The event aims to ensure the highlighting of the role of Roma women in Albania through their successful activities in the service of the development of culture, democracy, social inclusion and the creation of a network of Roma women, who can carry out joint activities in The event was an opportunity to recognize the contribution of active Roma women and girls and invited decision-makers, institutions and cultural actors to discuss and develop future perspectives on the inclusion of Roma women in decision-making. The event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection Mr. Albert Nikolla who on behalf of the Ministry expressed readiness to support the implementation platform based on local and central plans in support of the Roma minority, Deputy Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Mrs. Aspasjana Kongo who said that the Ministry will create support classes for the basic lessons of Women and Girls, as well as the Deputy Mayor of Tirana Mrs. Anisa Ruseti who came out with a concrete commitment to the involvement of women in information sessions regarding the participation in the Municipal Council of Tirana. Participants were successful Roma women and girls like Mrs. Manjola Veizi, Mrs. Meleqe Rrenja, Mrs. Fatmira Dajlani and Mrs. Enxhi Kosturi in their speeches inspired and motivated 53 women and girls to implement the platform, as well as women and girls expressed their willingness to engage in advocacy activities which will be implemented in the future. The event also served for Introduce the Roma Women Platform which will periodically bring together Roma women and girls as well as local and central institutions to meet the following objectives: