Roma Mediators Advocate for equal services in public services in Fier region

1 March 2012 – 30 November 2016, with support of Open Society Foundation In Albania, Roma Program, IRCA has been implementing the project “Roma Mediators Advocate for equal services in public services in Fier region”. This project aimed at reinforcing the advocacy position and Roma youth leadership on monitoring the effective implementation of the Local action Plan for Roma in Fier region. Specifically, it aimed at (i) increasing the participation, advocacy, leadership and monitoring capacities in local government; (ii) realization of internships in local institutions.

The impact :

  • In the education sector, among 1089 Roma children that have been registered in the primary, secondary as well as in the high schools and supported with the provision of the free books delivered by Ministry of Education and Sports, 553 were girls and 536 were boys.
  • In the employment sector among the 76 young adults Roma employed in collaboration with labor offices, 34 were adult young Roma women and 42 adult young men.
  • In the health sector, IRCA through this project supported 734 Roma youth and adults, who were equipped with health card and participated in training on reproductive education, caring health, hygiene etc. Desegregated into gender criteria, this result amounts to 356 Roma adult young women and 378 Roma adult young men.
  • Concerning housing, 246 Roma families were supported to complete legalization documents and reconstruct their houses.
  • Related to civil registration, 274 Roma children and adults (174 girls and 100 boys) were provided with facilitation on civil registration documents.
  • 10 Roma youth with an equal balance in terms of gender (5 girls and 5 boys) were trained on leadership, community mobilizing, advocacy and lobbing.