Asylum seekers and Refugees in Albania making Progress on Employment Objectives

The project “Establishing the basis for livelihood programs in Albania” continues to advance in the realization of objectives such as: a) increasing the capacity of asylum seekers and refugees; b) increasing their knowledge of the labor market to explore all available options about their specific skills and; c) empower asylum seekers and refugees to be able to find employment to secure self-confidence.
Sixty-four participants from the categories of asylum seekers and refugees in Albania are preparing with the “Coaching Cycle for Employment Methodology”. After being divided into groups, and gaining knowledge through several theoretical and practical sessions, they advanced in exploring the labor market, engaged in short business practices, and began drafting the Individual Development Plan. Meanwhile, they are finalizing the idea about the professions that will be oriented in the coming months and are ready to enter the labor market.
At the end of the Coaching Cycle for Employment, each participant will have a detailed and clear plan covering well-defined, short-term, mid-term and long-term steps towards the ultimate goal – employment or self-employment.
This project is funded by UNHCR and implemented by IRCA.