Request for Offer

Publication date: 06 December 2023

Project “The goal is us – empowered Roma women (Qëllimi jemi ne – gratë rome të fuqizuara)“ Phase II
Required service Food packages
Duration of service 12 months
Location Tirana
Deadline date 15 December 2023


General information

INSTITUTE OF ROMANI CULTURE IN ALBANIA (IRCA) is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy services for equal access of Roma to human rights and public and social services. Career counseling and educational assistance for Roma students, increasing the capacities of Roma youth for inclusion in public life. Conducting research studies to document and institutionalize healthy elements of Roma cultural heritage. Promotion of intercultural exchanges and friendly relations between Roma and non-Roma youth in the country and beyond.

Purpose of the service: In the framework of the project “The goal is us – empowered Roma women” Phase II. The Institute of Roma Culture in Albania seeks to contact entities that offer Food Packages. All interested entities that meet the criteria and conditions are invited to submit the proposal of them in a sealed envelope or electronically.

1. To be registered with the QKB

2. Offer Food Packages

3. Location: Tirana, Elbasan, Lushnje, Gjirokaster.

The offer must be submitted with the “envelope” system or electronically to the e-mail address: In the envelope you must put all the documentation listed below:

a. The attached format with the list of products accompanied by the respective prices (Annex 1).

b. The above prices must include all other costs related to the provision of services.

c. The unit price in the financial proposal must specify that VAT is included.

e. Document of registration in QKB.

Financial proposal:

The envelope must have the inscription “Offer for Food Packages“. Cases of non-submission of a document, or of false and incorrect documents, are considered conditions for disqualification.

For any questions or clarifications, you can write to us at e-mail: Any answers to questions that will be asked by the entities participating in the tender, will be notified by the staff members.

Please check the Request for Offer documents at the following links:

Ftesë për ofertë

Aneks 1

Thank you for the cooperation,

Institute of Romani Culture in Albania ( IRCA)