“Promoting Political Inclusion of Marginalized Youth in Albania.”

Objectives: To promote the active citizenship and political inclusion of the marginalized Roma community in Albania.
Project activities:
Implementation of the capacity building program “Roma political  leadership academy in Albania”
During the period 1 October 2021–31 March 2022, IRCA with the support of NDI Albania implemented a capacity building program for 30 Young Roma and non Roma, which consisted in the organization of three 3-day training workshops, 9 training modules in the following topics:

Module I – Identity, social choice and collective action.
Module II – Advocacy and Leadership
Module III – Social Exclusion and the challenges of minority integration.
Module IV – Governance and Policies (Analysis on governing Local programs, reforms, policies applied by political parties in Albania)
Module V – Organization and functioning of political parties. (Electoral processes and election campaign management.)
Module VI – Effective Communication (Communication skills, population inspiration, critical thinking, political negotiation, public speaking).
Module VII – Geopolitics and best practices in the Balkans and Europe, the involvement of the Roma minority in politics and decision-making processes.
Module VIII – Theory of Change; Democracy and Activism and Alliances,
Module IX – Roma Political and Leadership Platform, organizing concrete actions.

Study visit to the Parliament of the Republic of Albania
30 young people targeted by the project realized a study visit in one of the most important institutions in the country, such as the Parliament of the Republic of Albania. The young people who participated in the study visit had the opportunity to get acquainted with the role of the institution and the way of functioning of the parliament. During this study visit the young people had the opportunity to have a conversation with one of the youngest members of parliament, Mrs. Andia Ulliri, who shared her experience as a young member of the Albanian parliament.

Research, develop, and manage relationships with relevant local and national government Institutions to create 3-month internship positions for 30 Roma youth to cultivate practical Political experience.

In frame of the project, 30 young people who participated in Roma Political Leadership Academy were placed in internship positions in public local and national institutions in Albania.
In the process of preparation of the internship program, the project team established communication with relevant government institutions at the national and local level, to determine opportunities for cooperation and interest in taking part in the internship program.

The institutions that collaborated with IRCA to provide internship position for young people are as follows:

  • Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • Committee of National Minorities in Albania;
  • Commissioner for protection from discrimination in Albania;
  • Socialist Party, Fier Branch
  • Socialist Party, Lushnje Branch
  • Democratic Party, Lushnje Branch
  • Municipality of Tirana, Andministrative unit no.4
  • Municipality of Fier
  • Municipality of Berat, Directorate of Education, Culture and Youth.
  • Municipality of Korca, Directorate of Public Relations and Citizen Information.
  • Municipality of Elbasan
  • Municipality of Durres (Housing Directory and Social Services Directory)
  • National emergency transit center