“Joint Initiative for Roma Inclusion and Good Governance in Tirana”.


The project aimed at the:

  • Participation of Roma minority members in local decision-making and service delivery
  • Information and awareness campaigns focusing on Roma rights and their integration
  • Facilitate access to public services

Implemented activities:

  • Training of Roma youth and staff of the Municipality of Tirana
  • Information sessions
  • Intercultural and sports activities
  • Study visits

This project has been implemented in the areas:

  • Selitë
  • Institut
  • Shkozë
  • Yzberisht
  • Kinostudio

The results of the project:

  • Training of 15 employees of the Municipality of Tirana on human rights and national and local policies for the inclusion of the Roma minority.
  • Organizing a study visit in order to exchange best practices related to social inclusion programs between 6 employees of the Municipality of Tirana and 6 employees of the Municipality of Korca
  • Organizing 4 events in order to promote intercultural dialogue, promote young Roma talent, and promote good governance in which a total of 158 participants.
  • Organizing information and awareness sessions on health card documents, registration as a jobseeker and information on employment programs as well as educational sessions for participation in elections with the participation of 208 members of the Roma minority. 
  • Collaborations with the Child Protection Unit and Community Centers for the organization of common activities.
  • 4 podcasts containing project activities are regularly produced and broadcast on the online radio “Capitol”