“Empowering marginalized youth through art to prevent juvenile delinquency and re-integrate in society.”

This initiative was implemented in the period October 2019 – April 2020 which had as main goal:


  • To empower marginalized youth and youth in conflict with the law through creative programmes in art.
  • To strengthen partnership of schools, families, communities, Police forces, civil society, media and local governance to be prevent and build resilience of juvenile delinquency.  

The target group was 

  • 30 Roma youth and youth in conflict ëith the laë in Tirana both male and female.
  • local stakeholders such as local authorities, schools, teachers, families, media, civil society and policy forces.

The results of the project:

  • Organisation of a launching activity with 10 participants aiming to identify the target group to be involved in the project
  • Organisation of an art programme course (3 weeks) in painting for 30 marginalized youth and youth in conflict with the law
  • Organisation of art exhibition with 30 youth art works on the topic related to security, juvenile justice, re-integration in society
  • Set up of stakeholders’ partnership database with 20 NGOs in Tirana and Durres offering services from youth and children
  • Organisation of 2 multi-stakeholders meetings to discuss on approaches towards youth security issues, juvenile delinquency and their role in supporting reintegration of youth in conflict with the law in society.
  • Preparation and disgtribution of brochure (passport size) with information on youth rights and obligations regarding juvenile justice
  • 3 podcasts publicated on Online Capitol Radio with youth testimonials and with the aim to raise awareness
  • Preparation of the multi-stakeholders partnership report with input and recommendations.