“Empowerment of Roma girls and women through education”

Empowerment of Roma girls and women through education: “The way to Access Public Services and Participate in Public Life ”.The overall objective ëas to empower Roma girls and women by improving their literacy, competences and knowledge on citizens’ rights, citizens engagement, advocacy and participation in public life.

The goals of the project were:

  1. To improve the literacy, competences and knoëledge of Roma women and girls in Tirana, Shkodra and Fier on citizens’ rights, citizens engagement, advocacy and participation in public life;
  2. To provide peer to peer support from Roma women and girls to other Roma marginalised women and girls and organise awareness campaign regarding education, literary and knowledge on citizens’ entitlements, rights, advocacy, participation.

The results of the project:

  • 90 Roma girls/women literacy improved, and basic civil knowledge enhanced;
  • 25 Roma role models competences/ knowledge enhanced on citizens’ entitlements at local level, minority rights,citizens engagement, advocacy and participation in public life;
  • 201 Roma households reached with the peer to peer support and awareness raising campaign of Roma role models.
  • 6 online radio podcasts produced.
  • 10 Roma women registered as jobseekers at the LabourOffice
  • The municipality of Tirana, Fier and Shkodra took into consideration to make part of their community centres the literacy skills courses
  • Creation of Roma Women platform.

The Roma Women Platform objectives:

  1. Collection of data related to the involvement of women and girls in decision-making, in drafting local and central strategic plans. This data will also be used to provide a database for planning policies and measures to be addressed in public institutions by monitoring the progress and impact of targeted activities.
  2. To inform Women and Girls with all local and central strategic plans by conducting information and awareness campaigns for their rights.
  3. Improve and strengthen civic skills and competencies to advocate in local and central institutions for the implementation of plans through joint activities.
  4. To influence the change of cultural concept to reduce the level of stereotypes and access to women and girls.
  5. Increase cohesion and cooperation between women through networking within the country.