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Volunteer Corps

The Roma Volunteer Corps is mainly composed of Roma and non-Roma university students who participate in awareness campaigns that aim to mobilize youth into becoming active citizens, to create an intercultural social environment of inclusion. All members have a...

Debate Club

“Summer Day” 2015 (March 14th), volunteers from IRCA’s Romani Corps of Volunteers decided together to spend time in nature at the Historical Park of Peze. Our volunteers with the interns from the Center for Professional Courses, spent a fun...

December 5, 2015 – International Volunteer Day

IRCA, in collaboration with Youth Leadership, participated in the International Day of Voluntarism, December 5th, 2014, where we presented in the main volunteer activity to promote our “Best Volunteer of the Year” program.

Roma Language Session

Since 2013, sessions for Roma language lessons started at IRCA’s office. Lessons were developed by our volunteers of Romani Corps of Volunteer.

Voluntarism Conference

On June 2014, Coordinator for IRCA’s Romani Corps of Volunteers developed a Voluntarism Conference under the slogan of "Kamav te Phirav Anglal". The objective of the conference was to create a definition for voluntarism by the members of the...

IRCA Festivals

Promoting Roma Identity through Online Radio

On June 30, 2015 IRCA organized our final conference for the project “Promoting Roma Identity and Equal Access to Education through Online Radio and...

International Roma People Day

On April 8, the International Roma People Day, the Institute of Romani Culture in Albania with the support of the US Embassy in Tirana,...