Background for IRCA

IRCA is a youth organization founded on July 1st, 2011.  The idea was to create a Roma institute which is entrusted to cultivate and develop with dignity, the elements of Roma cultural heritage.  IRCA developed through the years, inspired mainly by the educational and intercultural services provided by agencies such as the British Council, the Italian Institute of Culture, the Goethe Institute, the Alliance Française, and the US Peace Corps as well as by the different academic research institutions at European and American universities with which the founders of IRCA’s had certain experience.
Mission: Advocating for Roma equal access in citizens’ rights as well as public and social services; Providing educational and career advice to Romani students; increasing capacities of Romani youth for participation in public life; conducting research studies for documenting and institutionalizing Romani cultural heritage; promoting intercultural exchange and friendly relations between Roma and non-Roma youth within the country and abroad. IRCA offering of a combination of voluntary services and advocacy, as well as recreational activities have helped create three youth networks, including a Roma Youth University Students network, the Roma Volunteer Corps and the Roma Youth Parliament Forum.  IRCA’s activities are being featured in our online radio station called “Radio Kanxura”.
IRCA’s impact is in 4 key areas:
a) Intercultural Dialogue
b) Youth Empowerment
c) Advocacy and Participation
d) Institutional Development and Partnership Building